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About Me:
I am Zoya Khan aka Sana, an Actress, Model and Anchor by profession based in Mumbai. A complete extrovert and confident person, who believes beauty is within self who loves herself/himself. Believe in yourself nothing is impossible. And not to forget Beauty without Brains is worthless. Live and let live Smile Surprised

Personal details

Date of birth 1988 - April - 17
Height 5' 7" (170cm)
Weight 125lbs (56kg)
Dress size 6-US 8-UK 38-EU
Shoe size 7-US 4.5-UK 37.5-EU
Bust 36" (91cm)
Waist 27" (68.5cm)
Hips 36" (91cm)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Occupation Actress-Model-Anchor-Host
Marital status Single
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Have you ever done any modelling or acting? Yes
If yes, with who? With Prints,Ads, Tv show and Fashion shows

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From Date: 2012-02-21 10:22:37

Click to view profile of blaube
User: Judge
You are another example of why I think Indian women are among the most beautiful women in the world. Wink
From Date: 2012-02-07 10:55:59

Click to view profile of JUDGE429158737
User: Judge
From Date: 2012-02-05 20:00:46

Click to view profile of Dannyboyo
User: Judge
If no one had done this for you, allow me to welcome you to the pageant. Hope you will have a great time on here and in the process, meet some new friends along the way. Smile Hope you are having a great weekend as of yet! Very Happy

Daniel Smile